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SUP Shack Aptos Now Open at Rio Del Mar Esplanade Beach

SUP Shack has opened its second location at Rio Del Mar Beach!    The County Parks have now completed their landscaping and have done a fabulous job of making the plot of land look beautiful!

You can rent Stand UP Paddleboards, boogie boards, and other beach accessories.  We also sell beach toys and boogie boards and skim boards which are perfect at this beach.    All rentals are by appointment only and all boards are available on a daily basis July and August from 9am to 5pm.  Go to to book your boards or call 831 464 7467

SUPs are launched from the beach and paddling experience is required as sometimes the waves are a little bigger in the summer.  It takes about 1 hour to paddle from our beach to the Cement Ship and back.

Rio Del Mar Beach is not far from New Brighton Beach!  This little area has attracted some awesome sealife!  The cement ship has home to lots of bat rays, pelicans and other creatures.  New Brighton Beach has become a nursery for juvenile great white sharks that just love to bask in this area.  They come to the surface to enjoy the warmer waters later in the day.

The State Lifeguards has advised us that the sharks have always hung out at that beach, they do post notices when they have confirmed sightings.  Their advice to us is to inform everyone of the sharks and that people can paddle at their discretion.

If you are not into paddling with sharks we have the calm, easy waters at the Santa Cruz Harbor – where you can paddle with sea lions, harbor seals and the odd sea otter.

Call us at 831 464 7467 to book your boards.