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Doggie Paddle!

Paddling with your Dog!
Summer is coming and we all love (dogs do too) to get out on the water!
Did you know that there are doggie life jackets?
Have you ever taken your dog out?
At the SUP Shack we can give you training on how to paddle with a dog on your board.
I like this article from isupworld.
They recommend these 5 key types how to prepare your dog to go stand up paddling with you:
1. Get your dog comfortable with your SUP first.
Introduce your dog to your SUP board in a place that your dog is comfortable like your home.   Have your dog watch you watch you get in your board, be encouraging,  let your dog sniff the board.   You dog will most probably want to get on with you.
2.  Treats 
Dogs love treats – reinforce the behavior that you are trying to train your dog to do with treats.  This will help make it a more pleasurable experience for your dog.
3.  Have special commands for getting off and on the board.
What commands is your dog familiar with?  Train your dog on land the SUP commands so when the dog is on the board your dog is familiar and comfortable with the commands.
4.  Practice sitting, standing and paddling on the board with your dog.
Start to get your dog hang out on your board, you can do this in your comfort zone.
5. Head to the water.
Now your can take your dog and the SUP to the water, sit on your board and give your dog the commands you have practiced before, reinforcing all behaviors with treats!
At the SUP Shack we have some larger boards available for rent that you can take your dog out on!
Lifejackets are essential – especially with the top handle so you can grasp your dog in case it goes in the water.
Dog Paddle SUP Plan :
Who gets on the board first – you or your dog?
Have a strategy of how you are going to get your dog back on the board if it goes in the water.
What to do if your dog likes to chase birds and other creatures.
How to keep your dog still?
We are starting with a 10am time daily time slot – just a little calmer waters – no wind and boats, easy for your first time paddling with your puppers.
Board Rental for you and your dog is $25. (Free first time lifejacket rental).
Future Dog Lifejacket rental is $5 with SUP board. Call 831 464 7467 for further information.
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