Beginner Lesson

Quick Details

Level: Beginner

Duration: 10-minute lesson with an hour of paddling

Location: Santa Cruz Harbor

Get Started with SUP

We know you have plenty of choices, however, we have been teaching SUP for the longest time in Santa Cruz. Trudie Ransom, (owner and operator) gave her first lessons in 2009. Trudie has been PSUPA (Professional Stand UP Paddle Association) trained to ensure you are learning the right SUP techniques.

Our easy learning lagoon has no other boat traffic and is easy to practice the essential stop, steering and control of your SUP skills before you start to tour around the Santa Cruz Harbor. We keep our big stable boards new, knowing that our customers want instant success – encouraging them to stand and lessen the risk of falling in.

Beginner Paddle lesson for the independent water savvy first-time paddler that is able to learn quickly and get up paddling in 10 minutes. Taking themselves off for a self-guided tour around the harbor. First what a paddleboard is, show you the skills needed for moving your paddleboard forward, steering and turning it to the left and right, and essentially how to stop your board on the water. Once these skills are mastered we coach you as you embark on your first self guided tour around the Santa Cruz Harbor.